Fresh Backup by Fresh Look IT can activate backup tasks for all your Microsoft Office 365 users.

Fresh Backup for Micrsoft Office 365 provides two backup services for your Microsoft Office 365 data:

  • Microsoft Office 365 backup
    for backup of your Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks. Exchange Web Services interface.
  • Exchange Online Mail backup
    this is an Email backup only, in case Exchange Web Services is not enabled in your Microsoft Office 365.

Once the backup is activated with Fresh Look IT, an initial backup is performed in which all the data is backed up and archived securely at Fresh Look IT’s Amazon data center storage in Sydney (Yes 100% Australian Based). Then, on a daily basis an incremental backup is performed, capturing all the daily changes in your Microsoft Office 365.

The daily backup starts at 2AM WST

Fresh Backup for Microsoft Office 365 provides unlimited archive retention and unlimited archive storage. At any time you can download a snapshot of your data from any date in the past, or restore it directly to your Microsoft Office 365 account.

You can restore to your original Microsoft Office 365 account or to an alternate account in your domain using Fresh Backup migration service. The restore is non-destructive and a folder with all the restored data is created in your Microsoft Office 365 account without overwriting existing information.
Known restoration limitation is that meeting invites responses are not restored back to the mailbox.

Known Tasks limitations are lack of backup attachments that are a reference to other Office 365 object and lack of support in exporting HTML tasks and tasks attachments to PST file.

Your data is kept secured at all time. Data is encrypted in transit and storage using a dedicated key that we allocate for you and advanced AES-256 bit encryption algorithms are applied. Keys are securely stored and Fresh Backup servers are strongly secured, hardened and include the latest security patches.

As part of your subscription we monitor details about your backup activity.  Let us do the work for you!
You can close your Fresh Backup account at anytime (in accordance with the Standard Terms and Conditions of Service and Supply), and your archived data will be completely removed.


Fresh Backup for Microsoft Office 365


* per mailbox per month and is exclusive of GST



Your Fresh Backup for Microsoft Office 365 subscription includes the following benefits

main_cube_bullets  Daily automated backups
main_cube_bullets Unlimited secure Amazon S3 storage in the Australia Data center!
main_cube_bullets Advanced AES-256 data encryption
main_cube_bullets Unlimited retention of daily archives
main_cube_bullets One-click non-destructive restore and export
main_cube_bullets Full monitoring and reporting



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