Our Fresh Email platform offers both shared Exchange hosting and dedicated Exchange hosting options to meet your specific email needs.

Unsure which option is right for you? Let’s briefly review the benefits of each to help you make a more informed decision.

Shared Exchange Server Hosting


A shared server is very popular with smaller companies that are just starting out, or want to move only a small portion of their company’s email to an online solution. On a shared server, a number of different companies store their data on one server – sharing this one resource among all of them. Therefore, this is a very cost effective solution for companies that need the benefits of a big business email solution but may only need a few mailboxes and have a limited budget. The small, monthly, per user fee ensures that you pay for only the specific number of mailboxes you need, and, since it is a subscription service, there are no contracts or commitments to sign for less than 100 mailboxes.


  • Excellent performance at a cost effective price
  • Pay for only the mailboxes you need
  • Add, delete and manage users with no technical expertise or involvement
  • Same level of data security as a dedicated server


Dedicated Exchange Server Hosting


A dedicated server is just that – it is a server which stores the data from your company only. No other company’s data will be housed on your server. It may be your preferred solution if you have a larger company and determine that you will be able to utilize most or all of the space available on the server. A dedicated server will also enable your technical staff to implement more granular controls over user access and individual mailbox limits.


  • Additional flexibility for larger companies with a more extensive budget
  • Enhanced hosting capacity (larger mailboxes)
  • Ample space capacity
  • Full scalability to quickly and easily add users

Since all Fresh Cloud servers, both shared and dedicated, are housed in our highly secure, state-of-the-art data center, all of our customers benefit from the same high level of data security and reliability.  We also monitor and maintain all of our servers around the clock live 24×7.

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