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Many businesses are interested in storing their content in an online storage solution (cloud) that makes it easy to access, manage or share it from any location with any device. They must also ensure that their content remains secure and that the process of cloud storage adoption is non-disruptive. Finally, they must make sure that the solution satisfies all the BASIC cloud storage use case. These include backup, access, synchronization, identity management and collaboration. Our Fresh Cloud File Server solution addresses concerns about the ease of migration and provides a simple, secure, multi-device access model for online storage. It further supports the BASIC cloud storage use cases.

Multi-device Anywhere Access

Fresh Cloud File Server provides users with familiar access methods (mapped drives, file shares, etc…) from a web browser, desktop client, mobile device or file server. For example, Remote users can leverage the desktop, mobile and web clients while on-premise users have the additional option of clientless access through their file server. Remote users can also use their mobile devices to access on-premise file server content without a virtual private network (VPN).

Complete Online Storage Solution

Online Collaboration

Fresh Cloud File Server makes it easy for teams to work on the same content from multiple locations. For example, globally accessible team folders may be defined with Active Directory based access controls and distributed file locking.

Backup, Synchronization and Sharing

Fresh Cloud File Server allows team members to securely share files and folders with anyone, as permitted by the administrator. It automatically creates versioned backups of attached folders or can create snapshot backups. Folders can also be synchronized with the cloud so that changes made anywhere are readily available. Unlike other solutions, you are not limited to a single synchronization folder which forces reorganization of your file hierarchy.

Ease of Migration and End User Adoption

Fresh Cloud File Server streamlines cloud migration by integrating existing access paradigms with the cloud. It provides a unified namespace across multiple locations, allows immediate migration of existing data and integrates existing file servers with the Fresh Cloud online storage. This approach makes it easy for users to adopt the solution. They will continue to use familiar interfaces like Windows Explorer, drives on their PCs, file shares on their file servers or native applications on their mobile devices

Attached Folders

For example, an IT admin can install the Fresh Cloud File Server – Service Client, on a file server and then attach existing folders and file shares. On-Premise users can continue to access the file shares without interruption as the attached folder is synchronized to the Fresh Cloud storage platform. Attaching a folder to the cloud also means that it will immediately become accessible from all clients as it is synchronized. This is a truly unique technology that allows folder browsing and random file access before the synchronization is complete!

File Server Gateway

The reverse is also true. Using Fresh Cloud File Server, cloud storage can be attached to a file server allowing multiple on-premise users to connect to the cloud through file shares on the LAN.

Native File System Access

Fresh Cloud File Server enables online storage access for users by using the file system as a proxy to the cloud. In this way, users access cloud storage using familiar applications and paradigms. For example, they will be able to access online storage using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder on their PCs and laptops or mount a file share presented by Fresh Cloud File Server.

Browser Support

Fresh Cloud File Server is administered from a web portal. This web portal can also be used as a rich access interface for end users. The web portal can also be used on clients that do not have a native online storage client for the Fresh Cloud File Server. And based on Fresh Cloud File Server’s HTML 5 support, users will be able to drag and drop files directly into the browser and perform other rich operations.

Unified Namespace

Fresh Cloud File Server attaches on-premise folders from multiple servers in multiple locations. The file structures under these folders will appear in a unified view under the root folder of Fresh Cloud, providing a unified view across multiple sites.

User Management

Fresh Cloud File Server provides its own user management or users can be managed through tight integration with Active Directory. Multiple team members may be designated as delegated administrators.


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